Thank you for looking at my profile! My name is Chigozie and I own my own company – which provides communications services focusing on social media and public relations. I live and breathe social media – it’s my passion, and my career! My experience ranges from one person startups to national chains.

I’m also a web professional and  business consultant specializing in web development and social media consulting.


  • Business Strategy
  • Conference Coordination
  • Website design
  • Web Master
  • Social Media Consultation
  • WordPress
  • Email Marketing
  • Social networks
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • Instagram
  • SoundCloud
  • Google products.

I am here to be your business partner and use my expertise to help you succeed. My job is make you and your brand shine to the general public through all of the popular communication tools at our disposal. I can make social media one of your competitive advantages in your marketplace. I will help you connect with your clients in a professional and charismatic manner that will bolster the enthusiasm of your champions while drawing new people in. I will help you find true fans and new potential customers through targeted advertising and public outreach. Once you have a solid social stage to speak from, I will help you maintain those relationships in a healthy manner that will drive continuous business to you.

My job is to help you develop a business strategy to meet your short and long term goals; and help you monitor and measure your success.
I am the currently run TeamXclusive Africa, NG-Promotions and Lasgidi Media. I got my start in Web Development back in 2011 and Social Media later in 2012. With my past goals, I have gathered experience that have taught me
what it takes to be effective with limited resources, time and funding.

That is why I am able to understand the challenges that entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, start-ups, media partners, advertising agencies and businesses face every day.

My 3 years of experience within social media has given me an in-depth oversight of how it has progressed in that time, what has developed ‘organically’ within the social media platforms, what has worked, and of equal importance, what has not worked for a platform.
I am able to form effective social media strategies with my clients; strategies which fit into their company ethos and work for them, as opposed to expecting all companies to fit into a social media strategy based on the latest gimmick, bandwagon or buzz word.
PR works hand in hand with social media in reinforcing your brand. I take time to discuss your social media strategy to increase your online presence and build mutually reciprocal relationships within the social media community alongside your print media based strategy.

I can provide individually tailored workshops to train people how to use their social media accounts. These workshops are very popular for smaller companies in need of guidance and advice, but without the budget or need to employ a dedicated consultant on a retainer basis. I can arrange with you regular refresher workshops with your team and produce monthly or quarterly reports on your social media activity, highlighting advice and tips on how to improve certain areas.

Official Websites:

  • naijaXclusive:
  • TeamXclusive Africa
  • NG-Promotions
  • Smile Nigeria
  • Lasgidi Media
  • Chigozie Imachukwu
  • TechXclusive